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Weight Scale Arrives

When it arrived I took it out of the box, inserted the batteries, calibrated it per the instructions and stepped on.  My first reading seemed legit and a friend stepped on it to verify.  All seemed ok until he stepped off.  The numbers started flashing erratically and settled on 4.0 without anyone on it.  I noticed that one of the feet didn’t seem to return to normal position and the scale wobbled.  Not Good.

After determining there was nothing we did wrong via the instructions I assumed it faulty and called for a replacement.  No problems getting the replacement however I was disappointed with the wait on getting in a working scale.   The good news is that initial weight it showed the first time showed a 13lb loss from my starting date of 5/7/2012.  This shows about a 4lb loss per week for the first 3 weeks.  Nice!

Once the replacement arrives I’ll do a review on it.  Current internet ratings rank it pretty high for the price point so I’m excited to actually be able to use it on a daily basis.

Medifast Week 3 Day 2

As boring as it may seem I’ve gone back to putting Medifast titles for these blog entries.    I’ve decided that it is better for search engine placement and to help others easily find different days as needed.  I’ll post other non-Medifast entries under different categories if I want to get creative with the names.

So Day #16 seemed to be the easiest yet.  No real hunger to mention and I found that

Monday the Third Week

Catchy title, no?  Ok, I couldn’t really think of anything better.  Rough day today and not just because it was Monday.  Fought hunger most of the day and not just any hunger but the stomach gurgling, feed me now or die hunger.

Canoes, Birthdays and Medifast

I’ve decided to stop titling my daily Medifast journal as day whatever as it is starting to seem boring to me.  I don’t want to get into a rut and lose interest so I’ll try to spice some things up a bit.  I’ll start adding some pictures as well.

Maybe combining a daily thought or so with my Medifast journey will make it more exciting for you the reader as well.  Maybe.

So, today was day #14 and all in all not a bad day.  We celebrated my wife’s birthday by doing something she enjoys; being outdoors and meandering lazily down a river in a canoe.