Monday the Third Week

Catchy title, no?  Ok, I couldn’t really think of anything better.  Rough day today and not just because it was Monday.  Fought hunger most of the day and not just any hunger but the stomach gurgling, feed me now or die hunger.

I started eating at 8am and pretty much went every 2 hours.  10, 12, 2 and I moved my 5th Medifast meal to 4pm which allowed me to last until getting home and making dinner at about 6pm.  Once I ate my Lean & Green which was baked salmon with a nice dusting of chipotle powder and lemon juice along with salad and roasted zucchini that I cooked on top of the fish.  Felt much better after that and more my normal self.

I hope getting back to a strict regimen will get the hunger back under control.   I ordered my scale today (yay!) so I’ll do a review on it when it comes in and update my weight progress as well.

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I am a computer geek by nature and trade. Some say I was born with a keyboard in my hand and this is before keyboards were even invented.

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