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Medifast Week 5 Day 1

I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I would like.  Things with work have been just to chaotic.  They should settle down this week though as I get time to work through my backlog of things to do and work in my new temporary duties to my normal schedule.

For the most part I’ve kept to the Medifast plan.  I’m starting to run low on the Medifast Meals I like and my next order isn’t due until next week.  I’m going to have to slug down some of the stuff I don’t care for like the Medifast Homestyle Chili which never seems to cook through all the way and leaves dehydrated crunchy carrots and other items.  Now that I’ve tried most everything they offer I made sure to make my next order contain the things I know I can eat and stick to.  I’ve been sticking to a pretty good schedule which, now that I’ve adapted to the diet, keeps me going and not hungry to often.  I’ll list that schedule in another blog post.

Review: EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Review: EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

We got off to a rocky start, this scale and I.  I’m glad, however, that I asked for a replacement instead of money back and going with a different scale.  The reviews on the internet for this were pretty high.  Amazon rates it 4.5/5 stars with almost 6,000 reviews.  That is pretty good in my book.

The EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale w/ Extra Large Backlit 3.5″ Display and “Step-On” Technology  is stylish, light, easy to read and, like its name indicates, precise.  It also seems to be consistent and very easy to use. Many digital scales have a tap on feature where you tap the scale and it turns on.  Then you wait while it calibrates and then step on.  The EatSmart scale can do that as well or you can just step onto it once it has been calibrated.  It sits silent, quiet, blank and unassuming but step on and the bright blue 3.5″ display lights up quickly, large and in charge, with easy to read black numbers.

Calibration was easy.  First time you start it you place it on a flat surface, wait about 10 seconds while it calibrates zero and that’s it.  The EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale comes with batteries (4 x AAA), instructions and a body tape measure.  The top platform is a generous 12″ x 13″ and is made of tempered glass.  It feels and looks sturdy enough to measure the max rating of 400lbs.  The scale uses four EatSmart precision sensors with one in each corner.  The weight is precise to about 3oz or .2lbs.

It doesn’t have some of the geek features I would like such as wifi transmitting or insta blogging my weight to Facebook but, honestly, for around $29 + shipping this is THE digital scale to have in your bathroom.

Medifast Week 4 Day 1

Been very busy at work.  One of our key employees is moving on to another company so I’ve had to learn as much as possible about their current duties so I can fill in temporarily.  Trying to learn 11 years of information in 2 weeks is daunting to say the least.

A good thing about this though is I have little time to think about hunger let alone eating.  I downloaded the Medifast App for my Android powered phone and that at least gives me a reminder every few hours to eat.

I don’t see drastic changes yet but I know things are progressing as I’ve had to cinch my belt another hole which excites me and gives me encouragement to keep on.  Shorts I purchased recently before starting Medifast are already falling off of me.  My scale came in last week however it was broken from shipping so I had to have them send me another.  Looking forward to being able to log actual weight loss.

Weight Scale Arrives

When it arrived I took it out of the box, inserted the batteries, calibrated it per the instructions and stepped on.  My first reading seemed legit and a friend stepped on it to verify.  All seemed ok until he stepped off.  The numbers started flashing erratically and settled on 4.0 without anyone on it.  I noticed that one of the feet didn’t seem to return to normal position and the scale wobbled.  Not Good.

After determining there was nothing we did wrong via the instructions I assumed it faulty and called for a replacement.  No problems getting the replacement however I was disappointed with the wait on getting in a working scale.   The good news is that initial weight it showed the first time showed a 13lb loss from my starting date of 5/7/2012.  This shows about a 4lb loss per week for the first 3 weeks.  Nice!

Once the replacement arrives I’ll do a review on it.  Current internet ratings rank it pretty high for the price point so I’m excited to actually be able to use it on a daily basis.