Weight Scale Arrives

When it arrived I took it out of the box, inserted the batteries, calibrated it per the instructions and stepped on.  My first reading seemed legit and a friend stepped on it to verify.  All seemed ok until he stepped off.  The numbers started flashing erratically and settled on 4.0 without anyone on it.  I noticed that one of the feet didn’t seem to return to normal position and the scale wobbled.  Not Good.

After determining there was nothing we did wrong via the instructions I assumed it faulty and called for a replacement.  No problems getting the replacement however I was disappointed with the wait on getting in a working scale.   The good news is that initial weight it showed the first time showed a 13lb loss from my starting date of 5/7/2012.  This shows about a 4lb loss per week for the first 3 weeks.  Nice!

Once the replacement arrives I’ll do a review on it.  Current internet ratings rank it pretty high for the price point so I’m excited to actually be able to use it on a daily basis.

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