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My Bonneville 8-Ball on YouTube!

Found this video of my car on YouTube today.

This is a video I put together a year or so ago to show the advantage of the INTENSE Limited Slip Differential for the 4T65E-HD Transaxle. Apparantly someone liked it enough to put it up on YouTube.

This was a pretty crazy video shoot. There was so much smoke by the time we were done that it looked like the building was engulfed in white smoke and the neighboors almost called the fire department. One of our part time employees coming into work said they could see the smoke cloud from a mile away.

After we were done and we moved the car out of its burnout spot the pile of rubber that had accumulated around the tires was still smoldering. In fact to this day there are still two rubber patches in the concrete that can’t be cleaned off. We joked for a week afterwards that the car still had that new burnout smell.