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Dell E248WFP 24" Flat Panel Monitor

Dell E248WFP 24″ Flat Panel Monitor

I just received my Dell E248WFP 24″ flat panel monitor today and I could hardly wait to get it home and hooked up.  Upon opening the rather unassuming Dell box and unpacking the monitor my first thought was that I was going to need some more space on my desk.  This thing is absolutely huge compared to my current 17″ flat panel.  Speaking of which I had always thought my 17″ Samsung Syncmaster 730B flat panel was pretty decent but there is simply no comparison in function, display quality and gaming response now that I have experienced the sheer sexyness that is the Dell E248WFP.

Games are so much more vivid than they appeared on the Samsung and the text is extremely sharp and clear.  My Dell D820 Latptop has a WUXGA scren running 1920 x 1200 resolution and I had always felt cramped coming to my gaming computer running 1280 x 1024.  There doesn’t seem like there would be much of a difference but being able to fit a 1280 x 1024 screen in just the right half of the 24″ Dell E248WFP opens up whole new worlds in multitasking.  Running at the E248WFP’s native 1920 x 1200 I’m able to have multiple full size browser windows open without having to hide windows or allows me to run games like World of Warcraft in window mode with plenty of room to spare to view webpages or documents or click through song lists.

The Dell E248WFP features a 5ms response time and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. HDCP is no problem for this monitor and it features both an integrated DVI-D and a legacy VGA D-sub connector. Dell’s Truecolor Tecnology offers richer, life-like imagery that has more accurate color representation and better tones and hues. Reds, greens and blues are deeper and more vibrant.  My only complaint about this feature list is that a USB port is not standard fare.  Some people will not like the fact that speakers are not included but in my opinion this monitor is so large that adding speakers would put it over the top for most desktops.

The best part of this outstanding monitor is the price.  At around $450 MSRP this flat panel is perfect for home or even small business use however Dell currently has them on sale for an absolute steal at $379 making this a true score.