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Lightbox Plugin Enabled

I’ve enabled the outstanding lightbox plugin for my blog. This allows you to click on a thumbnail picture like the few below and have them auto expand to an enlarged size. Check it out then check out my My SSEi in a Horrifically Destructive Accident post about the accident that led to these pictures.

My SSEi in a Horrifically Destructive Accident

Ok, so it COULD have been really bad but thanks to my defensive driving I managed to make it through relatively unscathed. Unfortunately 8Ball took a pretty good hit.

I was on my way home from INTENSE and had just exited I-270 which runs around Columbus. Easing on to Rt-3 which is the main road through the town I live in I went under the 270 underpass going about 40 in a 45 and proceeded through a GREEN light intersection. Just as I entered the intersection I caught a large object coming from my left side at a good speed and instinctively jerked the car right and slammed the breaks.

Apparantly a young female had decided to make an illegal u-turn from the south bound lane into the north bound lane and had I not moved to the right and slowed down she would have t-boned me in the driver side. As it was I managed to get over enough so that just her passenger side front corner clipped my driver side and she was able to finish her turn and straighten out.

The lady was driving an 08 Honda Civic and had just moved to the area from out of state. Neither of us were injured and we moved off the busy road and called the police after exchanging information. She was cited for the illegal u-turn and now I get to go through the fun of getting my car fixed.

This may just be the push I needed to go ahead and get my G8 or maybe I’ll just call Ed and get a door and pocket the insurance cash. Have to wait and see what happens in the next few days.

Here are the pics: