Medifast Week 3 Day 2

As boring as it may seem I’ve gone back to putting Medifast titles for these blog entries.    I’ve decided that it is better for search engine placement and to help others easily find different days as needed.  I’ll post other non-Medifast entries under different categories if I want to get creative with the names.

So Day #16 seemed to be the easiest yet.  No real hunger to mention and I found that two of my Medifast Meal times snuck up on me.  My Medifast app timer on my Droid Incredible alerted me to the fact it was time to eat.  My energy level seemed consistent and even although I did have a cup of coffee in the morning to perk up a bit mentally (rough work day).

Some work turmoil is surfacing so it will be interesting to see how stress affects my mood, energy level, and hunger.  I’m glad I’m a few weeks in instead of just starting.  Not sure I’d be comfortable continuing this if not with all the crap that is about to come down.  Lean & Green dinner was grilled boneless pork chop with roasted peppers, zucchini and broccoli.

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