Medifast Week 5 Day 1

I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I would like.  Things with work have been just to chaotic.  They should settle down this week though as I get time to work through my backlog of things to do and work in my new temporary duties to my normal schedule.

For the most part I’ve kept to the Medifast plan.  I’m starting to run low on the Medifast Meals I like and my next order isn’t due until next week.  I’m going to have to slug down some of the stuff I don’t care for like the Medifast Homestyle Chili which never seems to cook through all the way and leaves dehydrated crunchy carrots and other items.  Now that I’ve tried most everything they offer I made sure to make my next order contain the things I know I can eat and stick to.  I’ve been sticking to a pretty good schedule which, now that I’ve adapted to the diet, keeps me going and not hungry to often.  I’ll list that schedule in another blog post.

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