Medifast Week 4 Day 1

Been very busy at work.  One of our key employees is moving on to another company so I’ve had to learn as much as possible about their current duties so I can fill in temporarily.  Trying to learn 11 years of information in 2 weeks is daunting to say the least.

A good thing about this though is I have little time to think about hunger let alone eating.  I downloaded the Medifast App for my Android powered phone and that at least gives me a reminder every few hours to eat.

I don’t see drastic changes yet but I know things are progressing as I’ve had to cinch my belt another hole which excites me and gives me encouragement to keep on.  Shorts I purchased recently before starting Medifast are already falling off of me.  My scale came in last week however it was broken from shipping so I had to have them send me another.  Looking forward to being able to log actual weight loss.

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