Website Design Update Complete

The website was getting pretty stale and I hadn’t really updated it in a couple of years so I decided it was time to do a redesign. I’ve added some functionality like my new Rogue Reviews blog which I’ll use to share my experiences on things like movies I’m watching, restaurants I’m visiting, games I’m playing etc… I’ll even have a couple of my friends posting some of their reviews on various things.

There are still a few pages on the site that need updating but I’ll get to them quickly. I’ve been learning a lot about Cascading Style Sheets and I’m happy for the oportunity to put that new information to use updating the older HTML pages. It is taking some time to get it all straight but once finished it will be much easier to update.

–Digital Rogue

About Rogue

I am a computer geek by nature and trade. Some say I was born with a keyboard in my hand and this is before keyboards were even invented.

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