About Rogue

This is my stake of digital land on the internet.  It is my home and refuge in the binary world of the 21st century.  I love to check out new things, watch new movies, eat at new places and I created this website to share my experiences with those who care to listen to what I have to say about them.

Many, many, years ago, this website came about as an exercise in fun, learning and a yearning to be free from the confines of most available cookie cutter web hosting services. Creating my own content, installing my own blogging software, modifying my own CSS, and playing with PHP have been fun and having my own email domain was definitely a plus. Over the past 25 years or so, the site has gone through a couple of different designs.  These days I’m running the site within a WordPress design.

Around the middle of 2012, I began a new stage in my life where I wanted to lose some weight and decided to try the Medifast plan. I’ve never dieted before but I needed to shed some weight (ok, a lot of weight) and figured I might as well chronicle it in a journal of some sort. What better way than to share my experience on my website and blog that needed some new material.  I lost almost 60 pounds on Medifast dropping from 299 to 241 lbs within about 4 months.  If you’re interested in reading all about that journey you can start with My Medifast Journey Begins… or look in the May 2012 archives.

Over the past few years I’ve picked up a few different hobbies that I will be adding to the site.  I’ve visited many different countries.  My wife and I became certified in Open Water SCUBA.   I’ve journeyed along the Bourbon Trail.  I started dabbling in the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, PLCs, home automation, 3D printing and breadboard electronics and throughout it all I’ve been keeping up with the ever changing world of computers.

Thanks for visiting.